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The Kind Story: From Gucci to Eco-Friendly Leather

Kind Style Shop was founded on a core principle: Vegan bags, handbags, purses and other accessories can look fashionable and be still be friendly to our ecosystem. The company was started as an extension of our founder’s cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle, and has grown to encompass environmentally conscious products as well.

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About Our Brand

Kind Style Shop is about stylish bags, belts, wallets and other accessories at great prices – which just happen to be vegan, as well as eco-friendly. We offer a hand-crafted, on-trend alternative to items that do damage to our ecosystem. You no longer have to choose between fashion and your love of animals. You can have your style and be kind!

About Our Founder

Like a lot of people, founder Rebecca Arum Littman started out hesitant about vegan products. She always loved animals, but the crunchy granola/scratchy beige stereotype made the vegan lifestyle seem unappealing.

Then, she learned about factory farming and the unconscionable conditions to which animals and workers were subjected – not to mention the enormous environmental toll and the associated health risks from consuming and finishing (tanning) the end product. She couldn’t ignore those factors, and so her plant-based diet began.

Kind Beginnings

After decades working in fashion, retail design and merchandising for large organizations across the U.S., Rebecca realized there was a serious disconnect between her love of animals and her love of fashion. Even though she wasn’t eating animals, she was still carrying one around with her every day.

She started searching for handbags that were as cruelty-free as the foods she eats, soon learning that many animal-free bags are either made of materials harmful to the environment or simply don’t look or feel good. Still, just as there are lots of delicious vegan foods out there if you know how to find them, so, too, are there a variety of chic, cruelty-free, eco-friendly leather alternatives.

Thus began Kind Style Shop.

Our Mantra

At Kind Style Shop, we believe every choice matters, no matter how small. So we ask that whenever you can, as often as you can, make kind choices – and then, feel good about them! Aim for progress, not perfection.

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