New Innovative Materials

What's better than the softest suede and the finest leather?
Our NEW Designer Bags in Peace Suede and Freedom Leather!

Alexandra K Freedom Leather 1.3 Mini Tote in Grey

From award winning Designer Brand, Alexandra K, the patented technology & proprietary formulas imitate the properties of suede and leather, while also providing improved benefits and remaining animal-free. 

INTRODUCING Freedom Leather:
Freedom Leather is a proprietary formula that is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional vegan leather. This special material is made of 100% Silicone, a unique, non-plastic, non-petroleum based material admired for its sustainability qualities – in its raw form, it is one of the most common elements found in nature, quartz sand. It requires less water, raw material, and electricity to produce compared to traditional PU or PVC materials. Freedom Leather is highly durable, as well as abrasion, stain, high humidity, and light aging resistant. It is hypo-allergenic, vegan, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
To clean: We recommend water only. No chemicals should be used.
Peace Suede is made from a patented raw material with a blend of recycled polyamide and recycled PU. The fabric’s exclusive formula looks and feels like suede but provides more durability, tenacity, elasticity, resilience and stain resistance. It does not contain any PVC. The dyes are all water based and the material is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. Peace Suede is stain, scratch and water resistant.
To clean: We recommend water only. No chemicals should be used.