Marvel's Story

Marvel was born at Forverland Farm Animal Sanctuary, but he almost wasn't born at all.

Marvel's mom, now known as LaLa, was about to be slaughtered for Easter. The farmer that owned her no longer had any use for her because she wasn't  reproducing any more. And while he tried to breed her several times, it was never successful.

The women who founded and run Forverland Farm convinced the farmer to let them take the ewe to their sanctuary.

After a couple of months, and with her now officially named LaLa, the caregivers noticed that her utters were swollen. A vet visit later and the diagnosis was as suspected...LaLa was pregnant! And not only was she pregnant, but she was due any day! 

After 3 long weeks of baby watch, and without any complications, a healthy, happy, little Marvel was born.

Now, LaLa and Marvel will live together forever at Foreverland.