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Looking for a bag you can feel good about and one that also feels good?
Look no further!
Repurposed Construction Netting Scout bag in Navy

Our collection of nylon netting bags are handcrafted from repurposed construction and fishing netting by artisans in Cambodia.  Over 80% of the workers are women and all employees are offered free childcare, free health insurance, English lessons, savings accounts and training to develop their skills and further their careers.

Repurposed Construction Netting Nearby Bag in Bordeaux

The bags themselves are checked by 16 people to ensure you enjoy high-quality style. While incredibly functional and durable, the bags are also so amazingly lightweight that your shoulders will thank you!

Smateria Hip Bag in Light Blue

Here's what a few of our customers had to say:

Light weight luminescent backpack: Bought for my wife's birthday. She loves the light weight and the luminescent fabric. Fits all her gear for walking European streets and looks a bit dressy. She likes the security of three zippered compartments. It is stain resistant and seems water repellent too. Color seems to go with everything. Flattened, it fits easily in the carry-on, adding very little weight and taking up very little room. A great choice! Small Urban Pack in Navy

STYLE+ : I love my cross-body bag which I received in record time. Made in Cambodia from construction netting …...beyond cool and it can be worn several ways. Intrigued by its unique material, I read more about the company. Two Italian women design the line and employ workers in a fair and sustainable way, giving priority to women and mothers. Makes me want to order more! Crossbody & Hip Bag in Charcoal

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